Bionic Showdown: The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman


Action / Sci-Fi



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Steve Austin and Jamie Sommers are back. This time Steve is working security at an International Goodwill Games. Oscar goes to his office and is attacked by someone who broke in. Later Steve discovers that his security clearance has been downgraded. He and Jamie are told of the incident that Oscar had, and that the person who broke in knew about O.S.I. security protocols and that person was also bionic. So someone is planning something at the Games. So while Steve and Jamie try to find out what is going to happen, Oscar quits the O.S.I. when his nephew is injured, and his request that Rudy Wells operate on his nephew is denied. He is later taken captive. Steve then goes to the General and tells him they need to put someone bionic at the games, and the best person is Kate, Rudy's latest creation.

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Sandra Bullock as Kate Mason
Lindsay Wagner as Jaime Sommers
Lee Majors as Steve Austin
Lawrence Dane as Gen. Dzerinsky
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