Jesse James


Biography / Crime / Drama / History / Western



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Railroad authorities forces farmers to give up their land for the railroad for dirt cheap. Some sell off easily while the ones who resist r dealt with force. The railroad agents tries to force a reluctant old woman into selling, until her sons, Jesse and Frank gets involved. Jesse shoots one of the agent in the hand, in self-defense and later arrest warrants are issued for both the brothers. The agents visits the James brothers' house with warrants and ask them to surrender but even after repeated assurance by Rufus Cobb, an editor, that the brothers are not inside the house and only their sick mother is alone present, the railroad agents throws in fire lamps inside the house to smoke everyone out but unfortunately it causes the death of the old woman. Jesse kills the agents in revenge. This begins Frank and Jesse's career as outlaws.

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Lon Chaney Jr. as One of James Gang
Henry Fonda as Frank James
John Carradine as Bob Ford
Tyrone Power as Jesse James
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